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This was done by Scott Kellermann, M.D., his wife, Carol Keliermann, and his son, Joshua Kellermann.




To assess the needs of the Batwa Pygmies.




The plight of the Pygmies was brought to our attention through the Episcopal Medical Mission Foundation in conversation with, the executive director, Dr. Tom Williams and Mrs. Diane Stanton, the American Project Coordinator of the Pygmy Resettlement Project, in the United States, together with communications with Archbishop Livingstone Nkoyoyo, Bishop John Ntegyereize, and Dr. Hector Tibeihaho in Uganda. Bishop John and Dr. Hector expressed the need for the purchase of a refrigerator in order to store vaccines so the Pygmies could be immunized and also suggested that medications be procured in order to stock the clinics.




The flight was from San Francisco to London to Entebbe, costing approximately fifteen hundred dollars per person.



Cool evenings with warm days.  The elevation is 4,000 to 5,000 feet.




Ties, slacks, and clean shirts are standard for men. For ladies, dresses and skirts are appropriate.




Electricity is unavailable in the Kinkiizi Diocese; therefore, a paraffin/kerosene refrigerator was purchased in Kampala and transported with us to the Kinkiizi Diocese. Also, medications appropriate for diseases of Africa were purchased at the Joint Medical Store in Kampala, run by the Anglicans and Catholics. Of note is that chloroquine, which is the most common treatment of malaria, is exceedingly expensive in the United States, selling for approximately seven dollars a tablet, whereas at the Joint Medical Store in Kampala, chloroquine could be purchased one thousand tablets for seven dollars.




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