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Episcopal Medical Missions Foundation was established for the purpose of informing Episcopalians of the activities of their medical mission stations.

To this end, EMMF has developed a "speakers bureau". Volunteers from previous mission trips are available to speak to your church, diocese, group or organization about the work EMMF does, the various mission stations and mission trips, past and future and the work that is being done. The format is flexible, ranging from sermons, Christian Education classes or lectures, slide shows and/or informal discussions.

EMMF also wishes to encourage Episcopal churches to organize and send medical and dental teams to mission sites. We are available to consult with groups who are interested in developing their own mission teams.

EMMF understands the needs of missions stations and their patients and can assist with the logistics of organizing and assembling teams, help determine the cost of the mission trip, assist in coordinating prospective mission teams schedules with the various mission stations, provide health and travel information, outline the types and quantities of medications and supplies needed at each mission station, assist in travel and shipping arrangements and supply vital information to insure a safe and productive mission trip.

Our goal is to share this information and build a larger network of mission teams able to visit the mission sites each year.

EMMF raises all of the needed funds to support mission sites, services, projects and assistance by partnering with churches, outreach groups and individuals.

This support is vital to the continuing operation of many mission sites and the continued organization of medical mission trips.

There are NO COSTS involved to host an EMMF speaker. EMMF will cover its own travel expenses.

We do however ask permission to make an appeal for support, monetary contributions and donations for various EMMF mission site projects and mission team support during our presentation.

If you are interested in having one of our missionaries speak to your group or organization, contact:

Dr. Thomas Williams, Executive Director.

or use our web site's contact form.



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Some of our available speakers:

Dr. Thomas Williams, M.D

Peggy Williams

Dr. Henry Moore

The Rev. Richard Aquilar

The Rev. Paul Moore

Dr. Richard Updegraf

Dr. Charles Echols

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