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Dr. Okeke’s Curriculum Vitae



 Curriculum Vitae


Nloghadilichukwu  Enwelun Okeke, , MD, LMCC, FICS, FACS, FWACS


A.                 Personal Data:


            1.         Birthdate:                                  December 5, 1926


            2.         Birthplace:                                Nnewi, Nigeria


            3.         Citizenship Status:                     Nigerian Citizen


4.         Marital Status:                                      Married June 30, 1956 to Ifeoma E. Okeke, SRN, SCH.HV.RNT -B..SC, MBA


            5.         Children                                   Four children


            6.         Address:                                   27 Second Avenue, Independence Layout, Enugu, Nigeria


            7.         Telephone:                                011-234-42-450-661


            8.         FAX:                                        011-234-42-450-160


            9.         E-amil:                                      <nokeke@infoweb.abs.net>


B.         Education:


            Date:                Degree:                        Institution:


            1955                M.D.                            Boston University Medical School

                                                                        Boston, Massachusetts


            1951                B.S. cum Laude            Bates College, Lewiston, Maine


C.        Postgraduate Training:


            Year:                Position:                       Institution:


            1970                Fellow Resch.               Peter Bent Brigham

                                                                        Boston, Massachusetts

            1959                Res. Gen. Surg.            St. Luke’s Hospital

                                                                        New Bedford, Massachusetts


            1958-59           Res. Thor. Surg.           Veterans’ Administration Hospital

                                                                        Rutland Heights, Massachusetts


            1956-60           Res. Gen. Surg.            Boston City Hospital, Third Service

                                                                        Boston, Massachusetts


            1955-56           Intern                           Boston City Hospital

                                                                        Boston, Massachusetts


D.        Academic Appointments and Hospital Positions:


            Month/Year:     Position:                                   Institution:


            1976-Present   Surgeon in Chief                       Eastern Nigeria Medical Centre

                                    & Medical Director                   Enugu, Nigeria


            1975-76           Chairman, Inf. Dis.                     St. Luke’s Hospital

                                                                                     New Bedford, Massachusetts


            1966-69           Chairman, Teach.                      U. Nigeria Teaching Hospital

                                                                                     Enugu, Nigeria            


            1963-67           Medical Director                       Eastern Nigeria Medical Centre

                                                                                     Enugu, Nigeria


E.         Other Employment:


            Month/Year:     Position:                                   Institution:


            1976-Present   Surgeon                                    Private Practice

                                                                                    Enugu, Nigeria


            1970-76           Surgeon                                    Private Practice

                                                                                    New Bedford, Massachusetts


            1960-69           Surgeon                                    Private Practice

                                                                                    Enugu, Nigeria             


F.         Certification and Licensure:


            1.         Certification:


                        Board:                                                                                      Date:


                        National Board of Medical Examiners                           1956               

                        American Board of Surgery                                                      1960


            2.         Licensure:


                        Medical Council of Canada (#17940)                                       1958


G.        Professional Affiliations:


            Fellow of The American College of Surgeons                1965

            West African College of Surgeons

            Fellow International College of Surgeons                                               1966

            Nigerian Medical Association

            Massachusetts Medical Society                                                 1973

            New York Academy of Science                                                           1980, 1990


H.        Postgraduate Courses - Continuing Education                                                              

            Peter Bent Brigham (Harvard Med.Sch. Dept. Surgery)                        1973-74

                        Cardiac and aortic emergencies            

                        Facial, Head and Neck Trauma


            Peter Bent Brigham (Harvard Med.Sch. Dept. Surgery)                        1974-75

                        Diagnosis of Colorectal Carcinoma

                        Germinal Tumors of the Testicle


I.          Community Activities


            Enugu Chamber of Commerce - President                                             1963-69


            Rotary International


            IFFNA Co. LTD. - Chairman and Managing Director


            Nigeria Fastner Co. LTD





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