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Volunteer Visitor Program
Hopital Ste. Croix - Leogane, Haiti

Hopital Ste. Croix (Holy Cross Hospital), a 120 bed general hospital in Leogane, Haiti, offers and opportunity to volunteers, medical, skilled and semi-skilled persons from the United States to participate in mission. Medical visitors-physicians, dentists and other health professionals assist in specialty care, consult and work with the Haitian medical staff and are encouraged to prepare short seminars for continuing medical education conferences. Skilled and semi-skilled volunteers may do small equipment repairs, painting, carpentry, visiting the children’s wards, mimeographing, and support and encourage the hospital staff as it seeks to provide care for the population of the commune of Leogane.

HSC, located about thirty kilometers west of Port au Prince, is owned by the Episcopal Church of Haiti, and operates with partnership support from the Presbyterian Church (USA). It also receives support from the Medical Benevolence Foundation as well as other church-related and private sources. It receives special-project support from several international agencies. Its Community Medical Center at nearby Darbonne coordinates maternal and child health services and a network of community health workers, midwives and parish and village clinics throughout the immediate rural region. The Hospital cooperates with CDC in significant public health research in filisarisis and malaria.

Dr. Jack G. Lafontant is the hospital's first Haitian medical director. He is an internist and graduate of the University of Haiti School of Medicine, and has completed a fellowship in gastroenterology at the University of Martinque.

Tom and NorEtta Clayton are Presbyterian Mission Coworkers. Consultants to the hospital in administration and financial management (NorEtta) pharmacy and Procurement (Tom), the Claytons are also the co-coordinators of the guest house and handle the scheduling of the volunteer visitors.

The full-time Haitian medical staff provides inpatient care and specialty clinics in medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics-gynecology, general surgery, gastroenterology, orthopedics and anesthesia. It has part-time medical staffing in radiology, clinical and anatomic pathology, urology, and dentistry. There is a 24-hour emergency room. There are four operating rooms in the surgical suite.

Medical Visitors
Medical visitors may come as individuals or in teams. A team might consist of physicians and/or other professionals from various specialties, for example colleagues from a hospital or a church; or it might be a self-contained surgical team consisting of surgeon, technician(s), and anesthesia personnel.

Volunteer Visitors (work and study groups)
Volunteer visitors may come as individuals or in teams. A team might consist of members of one or more churches and /or other interested folk.

Housing: All visitors are met at the airport, and are housed and fed in secure and comfortable visitor quarters on the hospital grounds. The hospital guest house perfume fee for room and board plus transportation to and from the airport is $25.00 US.

Language:The language of the people is Haitian Creole; the administrative language is French. Most administrative and professional staff also speak English. A visit to Haiti, at the very least, will be interesting and educational. But for most, it is also profoundly enriching personal experience.

Visits: Visits are typically for one week. Timing of visits is based on hospital needs and the limited size of the visitor quarters (four rooms which can sleep a maximum of 13 people). Scheduling times and decisions regarding current needs come from the hospital administration. Correspondence from a prospective visiting team should be done as far in advance as possible - at least six months to a year.

Supplies: The hospital welcomes the needed specialty items which many teams have brought. If you have special items you would like to bring, please check with the hospital before departure to coordinate supplies with needs, and to plan proper transportation from the airport. Due to government regulations, do not import outdated medications.

Credentials: Medical visitors are asked to send copies of their current licenses and a short CV to the hospital before arrival, in accordance with Haitian regulations.

For additional information about the program, Hopital Ste. Croix or scheduling a visit, you may contact Dr. Jack G. Lafontant, medical director or Tom and NorEtta Clayton, Presbyterian Mission CoWorkers directly at:

Hopital Sainte Croix-Leogane
c/o Lynx Air International
Box 407139
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33340
Telephone: 011-509-76-0746
Fax: 011-509-87-0746

To reach Dr. Jack G. Lafontant by email: stecroix@acn.com
To reach Tom and NorEtta Clayton email: claytonHSC@acn.com


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