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Making a Difference in Honduras

A land of heights and depths, with a population of 5,300,000 squeezed into a space the size of Tennessee, Honduras is the second poorest nation in the western hemisphere. Running water, electricity and transportation are nonexistent outside of the major cities. Life expectancy is short and infant mortality is high. Most Hondurans earn only $2 a day.

If one wishes to address the needs of the poor, one could make no better choice than Honduras. Episcopalians have been helping with 65 churches, 20 priests, 26 deacons, 1 bishop. The Episcopal Church of Honduras maintains a vocational/technical school, several clinics and orphanages.

But the inhabitants of the remote areas of Honduras have no access to health care. Even where government clinics exist, pharmaceuticals are rare or unattainable.

Churches in the U.S. have responded by sending teams of volunteer health professionals to these areas. The teams bring a measure and quality of care unknown to these areas, as well as a spiritual emphasis and programs for the local churches.

EMMF's Role
In Honduras EMMF is responsible for ten mission churches to the south of Tegucigalpa. These are in a rural area so remote that it takes one hour to drive five miles by four-wheel drive. The villages are farming and ranching communities or are near major banana and sugar cane operations. The people are poor but hard working. They are particularly proud of their churches.

Dr. Henry Moore is a medical missionary from Seguin, Texas who has spent 12 years in Honduras. The Bishop of Honduras who elevated him to the position of Canon for his long and dedicated service. He has brought many medical, dental, and veterinarian teams to Honduras.

A typical team is organized by one of the Episcopal churches in the U.S. and is composed of six physicians (generalists and pediatricians), four dentists and their assistants, five nurses, two pharmacists, two priests, and four interpreters. They visit most of the villages during a one week stay and provide medical and dental care that is all most of the villagers ever receive. They particularly are thankful for the many medications that they receive, drugs that are beyond the means of most of them.



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The Honduras Medical Mission - presentation material during the Fourth Annual EMMF conference from William B. McGonagle, Ph.D., and Frances Mallow, Ph.D., of St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Bay City, Texas


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