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Dominican Republic Mission

Dominican Republic: The BarrioThe Barrio : incredible poverty amidst tropical splendor.

The Clinic at Centro Buen PastorThe clinic at Centro Buen Pastor (The Good Shepherd Center) is open daily. Mothers and babies line the waiting rooms every morning.

Dominican Repuclic: malnurished childDominican Republic: Nutrition ProgramLEFT: Too often, acutely malnourished children are brought to the nutrition center. Severe protein deficiency is usually the problem. RIGHT: Volunteers at the center assist in the nutritional rehabilitation of malnourished children.

The result: a healthy baby! Dr. Jim Ely (left) of Bay City, Texas, donated his time and talents to the barrio clinic. And a happy baby! Dominican Republic: Healthy Child!

Sister Jean (right), an Episcopalian nun, enjoys a laugh with a rehabilitated infant. Sister Jean and a happy baby!

Emmf physican examining childDominican Republic: "fashion show" to display new clothing receivedDr. Gordon Moore (left), Houston pediatrician and EMMF Chairman, examines a little girl at the barrio clinic.

The sisters arrange for the young ladies of the barrio to have a "fashion show" to model the clothes they have learned to make with donated materials.




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