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EMMF: Making a Difference with our Missionaries

Inspired by scripture, missionaries perform three primary functions at the mission stations.

Preaching, Teaching, and Healing


Christ instructed those He sent out to enter every village, preach the Kingdom, and heal every manner of disease among the people. At our mission stations, prayer, witness, and evangelism are a part of each day. Often, the missionary is both priest and physician, leading worship and serving communion.

We heal the sick and preach the Gospel.


In the Third World, the best nurses, midwives and primary health care workers are local students from mission schools.

At baby feeding clinics and nutrition centers, mothers are taught how to care for their children and which foods to grow to ensure balanced diets. In many areas, mission stations conduct literacy clinics so that local people may read and write their own languages.

People should not "perish from lack of knowledge."


Thousands of patients are seen by EMMF supported missionaries every year. They are received with compassion, handled with care and treated with competence. The work ranges from primary health care and instruction conducted by locally trained workers to restorative dentistry and minor surgery. These missions are also places of compassion as none are turned away.

Indeed because of you:"The blind see, the lame walk, the deaf hear, the lepers are cleansed, those who would be dead are alive, and the poor hear the Gospel."

It is thrilling to know that our missionaries are doing precisely what Christ did when He was on Earth.

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