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Episcopal Medical Missions Foundation is an effort on the part of health professionals and other lay members of the Episcopal Church to organize and augment the support of our medical missionaries as they deliver medical and spiritual aid in mission stations of Honduras, Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Nigeria and Uganda.

Please see the letter from the Executive Director regarding Haiti, with latest news and support requirements.

We welcome contributions of time, talents and funds from any and all that wish to participate, regardless of denomination.

Become a part of Episcopal Medical Missions Foundation!  "The love of God cannot dwell in one who closes his heart to those in need."  You can make a difference! 

Explore these pages to learn about the good works of your church, to obtain detailed lists of missionaries' needs and to share in celebration of what we have accomplished together.


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EPISCOPAL MEDICAL MISSIONS FOUNDATION is a nonprofit corporation chartered in 1992. EMMF's status is as a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization, registered with both the IRS and the Texas State Department. These documents as well as the current IRS Form 990 are available upon request. EMMF support comes from the generosity of individuals and congregations but EMMF does not solicit support that would detract from regular church budgets.

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